2019-2020 Class Placement Lists

Dear Parents and Students:

These are the official class placement lists for TCHS Concert bands in 2019-2020.

Please check the following:

  • Is your name on a list?
  • Are you listed as playing the correct instrument?

If there is a problem with either one of the two items above, email a band director for help.  You may have been lost in cutting and pasting or maybe you didn’t audition!  Regardless, it is not personal, and we can fix it!

The band class names you see are different that what may be printed in your schedule in the Fall.  Here is a quick guide!

Wind Symphony – the top band at the school
Wind Ensemble – the second band at the school
Symphonic Band – the third band at the school
Concert Band – the fourth band at the school

Remember!  All High School bands perform at concerts, and they all perform at UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Contest.

Students from all four high school band classes are eligible to audition and gain Varsity Marching Band spots!

Every effort was made to place you in a band class in which you will thrive.  If you have questions about your audition, you may email any band director for clarification. 

Please remember that you are competing against four different grades of students from three different schools for placement in the bands.  




Class Placement Lists

Wind Symphony (PDF, 48kb)
Wind Ensemble (PDF, 176kb)
Symphonic Band (PDF, 74kb)
Concert Band (PDF, 177kb)
Jazz Band (PDF, 69kb)

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