Background Check Instructions


A background check through KISD is required for any person wanting to volunteer.  Please follow these instructions to be approved to volunteer with the TC Band.

Go to the following link:

Click on the red "Apply" button in the top right portion of the page.  This will take you through a series of pages to submit an application for a volunteering position at KISD schools.  It will NOT take you 30-60 minutes as indicated because you are not actually applying for a job position! When you come to the list of available positions, scroll down to the very bottom and select VOLUNTEER. At this point, you can choose any schools in KISD that you might volunteer for, along with TCHS, and it allows KISD to have a background check performed on your behalf.

If you have gone through this process before, you can enter your email and password to login; otherwise, you can set up a new account.  You will need to have your driver's license # handy.

You will receive 2 emails from this process.  The first one tells you that you have applied, and the second one tells you that you have been approved.  When you get the SECOND email, please forward it to

KISD DISTRICT EMPLOYEES: If you are a Keller ISD employee, please send an email using your Keller ISD email to indicating you plan to volunteer and you are an employee of the district. This will make it an easy process for me to confirm you quickly! You DO NOT need to complete the online process. 

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